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At Artrin, we are innovators of modern treatments using all-natural, high-quality medicinal solutions that treat the world’s diseases.

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Prevention at its Best 

Artrin’s core concepts of the Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria are focused on preventative medicine. We believe that with the right treatments, you can prevent health problems before they even start.

Once an ailment or illness occurs, the Artrin Cubano line of products can also help treat those problems, give you more energy, and improve your overall health.

Just some ailments our products strive to treat include:

 Arthritis - Strengthen your bones, improve flexibility, regenerate important muscles, and prevent arthritis before it occurs with our anti-inflammatory and musculoarticular regenerative medicines.

Bone Decalcification - With Artrin Cochi Medio, you can strengthen your bones and prevent premature degeneration of the skeletal system. In return, you’ll have less back pain, feel stronger, and protect your body’s bones.

Fight Aging and Skin Problems with All-Natural Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria Products

Soften skin, remove premature wrinkles, clarify, unify, and add the natural antioxidants you need for fresh, youthful looking skin. All the facial and anti-aging products from Artrin are dermatologically tested and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Our Coriodermina products can also tackle acne using 100% natural formulations that treat acne from within the skin.

Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria products are also designed exclusively to address cold sores and herpes breakouts naturally and efficiently.

Natural, Simple Treatments for All

With the Coriodermina line from Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria, you can treat a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Just some of the ailments our formulations are designed to address:

Psoriasis - Coriodermina in Jelly does not contain harmful products and will not cause side effects. However, it will help maintain healthier skin and relieve the pain, itching, and unsightly rashes of psoriasis.

Inflammation - Inflammation leads to pain and discomfort in the joints. Whether you suffer from Gout, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, or Arthritis, our natural treatments can reduce pain, regenerate muscles, and strengthen the bones.

Skin Pigment - Stimulate melanogenetic naturally and restore your skin’s pigment with the Coriodermina line.

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All products offered by Artrin come with our satisfaction and quality guarantee.

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