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Hot! For All Skin Psoriasis & Nails

An Effective Psoriasis Treatment: 
Coriodermina Jelly-Jalea 8 oz.

Psoriasis can be a troubling condition. Itchy, red, flaky, and embarrassing, it can prevent the people who suffer from it from living their lives or feeling like they're normal.

If you have the condition, you know all too well how this feels. Even though you know it's common, the isolation can be intense, and some days even leaving the house can feel impossible.

Luckily, there's a solution: Coriodermina jalea.

Derived from the cells of the placenta, Coriodermina jalea is a natural, regenerative product that specializes in helping people treat their psoriasis once and for all.

Devoid of harmful side effects and designed to work with your body to kick psoriasis to the curb, this unique formula is exactly what you need to make your skin condition a thing of the past.

What is Coriodermina Jelly-Jalea?

A soothing, comforting product designed to be applied directly to your psoriasis plaques, Coriodermina jalea uses the cells of the placenta to neutralize the stimulatory effects of your body's chemical activators and slow down the process of cell regeneration.

This, in turn, chokes your psoriasis at its root and makes it difficult or impossible for psoriatic plaques to grow. While preventing additional growth, this product also gives your skin the space it needs to heal and helps your body heal itself from the inside out.

Gentle, natural, and effective, Coriodermina jalea promises to be the complete treatment you need to get rid of your psoriatic plaques once and for all.

Is Coriodermina Jelly -Jalea Safe?

Unlike other psoriasis treatment products which come with pages of cautionary labels, Coriodermina jalea is very safe. It has been approved for use in the elderly, adults, children, and even pregnant and menstruating women.

Not associated with any known side effects, Coriodermina jalea is safe to use with other medications and can be taken with any diet, food, or drink. This makes it a realistic treatment option for busy people and helps ensure your peace of mind while you take it.

How to Use Coriodermina Jelly-Jalea

To apply Coriodermina jalea, dip your fingers into the pot and dab a small amount of the formula directly into a psoriasis plaque. Do not rub. Extend the formula just beyond the psoriasis plaque for maximum effect.

After application, cover the affected area with a clean cloth or piece of clothing for 30-40 minutes to allow the solution to sink in.

Re-apply every eight hours, or as needed. Keep Coriodermina jalea refrigerated when not in use.

Coriodermina Jelly-Jalea: Your Solution For A Psoriasis-Free Life

If you've ever dreamed of living happy and psoriasis free, now is your chance.

Coriodermina jalea is a landmark product with a real track record of helping people look and feel their best.

Designed to provide the relief you need and the comfort and peace of mind you want, Coriodermina jalea treats your psoriasis from the inside out for a long-lasting cure.




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