Coriodermina Vitiligo - Lotion 1-2

Hot! Coriodermina Vitiligo - Lotion 1-2
The condition can be identified as white spots on large areas of the skin. Regardless of the color of your skin—vitiligo can attack. The depigmentation can occur on the skin of the face, genital region, and extremities.

Coriodermina Vitiligo lotion promotes the production of new melanocytes.

How to Use these Lotions

You will want to use the treatment lotions at least once each day—one in the morning and one in the evening. 

You Don't Have to Suffer With Vitiligo—Start Your Program Today!

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Customer Reviews

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I feel very happy, the white spots disappeared 5 product stars
"I no longer have white spots. How long should I continue to use it in the affected area?" Eric Fourneau - 6/10/2017
El producto es fabuloso 5 product stars
"Les dire que estoy muy contento con los resultados, excelente producto" Manuel Dortez - 8/24/2016
Muy bueno el producto 5 product stars
"Tengo 24 dias de estarlo usando y mi piel se mira mas oscura, veo mi color de piel que esta regresando Gracias." Maritza Duarte - 5/25/2016

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