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Love it 5 product stars
"The step 1 tingles and stings for about 30 seconds but the feeling soon goes away. The step 2 leaves your neck feeling a bit sticky. Overall, citra peel does what it says: skin texture looks much improved, skin smooth to the touch, pores tightened. I use this a couple times a month or when I think my skin looks dull and needs a boost. I love this" Alisson Humpfrey - 6/13/2017
Good stuff 5 product stars
"I really like the product - It makes my pores seem smaller" Mrichic.G - 6/13/2017
Excelente producto 5 product stars
"Tengo una semana de estar usando esta crema y estoy muy contenta con los resultados optenidos en tan poco tiempo." Alejandra Marin - 2/18/2017