Safe, Effective Treatments for Acne from Coriodermina®
Acne is not just a difficult teen issue. In fact, more adults are dealing with the embarrassment of breakouts and some experience the devastating of acne scars.

While it is a common skin problem, it does not mean that you must live with acne any longer.

Is It Acne or Something Else?

Acne is not just pimples; though that is a common form. Acne does come in numerous types of blemishes that include whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts.

Your acne may not be on your face either. In fact, you might have acne breakouts on your chest, neck, shoulders, upper arm, and buttocks.

Treatment Now Could Benefit You the Rest of Your Life

Early treatment using the right type of product would prevent permanent scarring and dark spots that stay on your skin.

Also, when you suffer from frequent breakouts, regardless of age, acne can affect you in other ways, including:

• Lowered self-esteem
• Depression
• Dark spots on the skin
• Deep scars that require surgery to remove

Luckily, there are plenty of effective, safe treatments out there, including Coriodermina products from Artrin.

What Makes Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria Treatments So Effective?

Acne appears on the outside, but the real treatment comes from the inside.

If you have frequent acne outbreaks and your current treatments are not working, the best defense you have to getting rid of acne for good is by using a comprehensive approach.

The treatments from Coriodermina use placental factors that treat acne, but also prevent it from reoccurring. The healing properties of the placenta restore your skin, give you a healthy complexion, and reduce the internal processes that are causing your acne.

Our treatment can also work on other areas that are prone to acne breakouts, like your back, chest, arms, shoulders, and more.

Look at our positive reviews and testimonials from other happy Artrin customers when they used our acne and variety of other placental factor treatments.

Fight Back and Keep Your Face and Body Acne Free with Artrin

Even after your acne is gone, you can manage and maintain your acne-free skin with the acne treatment from Coriodermina.

Our products are safe, natural, and do not cause side-effects. Teens and adults can both enjoy the healing, rejuvenating properties of the Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria treatments with long-lasting results.

Order Genuine Coriodermina Products Exclusively from Artrin

While companies are offering our products online, the only guaranteed authentic products are sold exclusively at

When ordering Artrin products, you get a 100% guarantee with all our treatments. If you are not satisfied or the product does not feature the highest quality, we will refund you.

Browse our line of acne treatments from Coriodermina and Artrin online or contact us with your questions about our formulations and treatment options.
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