Coriodermina - Gold Package - Psoriasis Treatment

Coriodermina - Gold Package - Psoriasis Treatment
Coriodermina Gold Package: The Ultimate Psoriasis Treatment

While scientists are not sure why some people develop psoriasis and others don't, they do suspect that 10 percent of people inherit the genes that could lead to this condition. If you are one of the few with psoriasis, you know how debilitating it can be.

Psoriasis deflates your self-esteem, forces you to hide your body from family and friends, and leaves you with pain, itching, and an unsightly rash.

Luckily, you do not have to deal with psoriasis any longer.

Artrin's Coriodermina line of products can help you relieve the itching, reduce rashes, and much more.

What Makes Coriodermina Products Unique?

Coriodermina is a line of products from the Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria that uses placental factors to heal the body from within.

Our products are safe, can be taken with any food, and they do not interact with other medications.

More importantly, the Coriodermina products specifically target the growth of excess skin cells that create the psoriasis rash. Then, they regenerate healthy cells in the body that keep your skin smooth, youthful, and firm.

By neutralizing the body's response and inflammatory processes, you will see fresh, moisturized skin that is rash free.

Here's What Is in the Gold Package from Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria

We have packed our Gold Package treatment with everything you need to fight back against psoriasis.

Here is what we have assembled in this Gold Treatment for you:

Coriodermina Jalea - A smooth, absorbent jelly that helps prevent a psoriatic crisis by regulating the production of epidermal cells. The jelly is water soluble and penetrates deep into the dermal layers through transcutaneous absorption.

Coriodermina Regenerator - Now you can grow healthy, new skin cells with the regenerator that promotes the growth of healthy cells from within.
Coriodermina Tablets - This nutritional formula, taken daily, stimulates latent cells in the body and creates an internal regeneration of healthy skin cells.
Coriodermina Soap - Use this treatment twice per day to remove dry skin and replace it with healthy, moisturized skin.
Coriodermina Shampoo - Whether you have psoriasis on your scalp or eczema leaving you with a painful itch, this shampoo reduces itchiness and removes dry skin to reveal a healthier, cleaner scalp in just three months.

End of Psoriasis as You Know It?

✓ Stimulate and regenerate cells of the body

✓ Repair damaged skin for good
✓ Create new, healthy skin
✓ Eliminate psoriasis
✓ Remove dry skin and scaly rashes
✓ Maintain a younger, firmer skin

With proper use of the Coriodermina line, you can rid yourself of psoriasis for good.

All Coriodermina products sold exclusively on come with a quality guarantee. We cannot ensure the quality of goods sold on unauthorized third party websites.

Purchase your Gold Treatment for Psoriasis from the Coriodermina line at today or call a customer service representative at 319-427-8746 with your questions.

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Customer Reviews

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Loving My Results! 5 product stars
"I have used this product for about 3 months now and with amazing result." Kathleen Crowley - 6/13/2017
Muy contenta 5 product stars
"Estoy muy contenta con los resultados que tiene mi hijo" Elizabeth Camacho - 4/9/2016
Muy bueno el tratamiento 5 product stars
"El 65% de la psoriasis se a desaparecido de mi cuerpo, es simplemente asombroso, solo pruébalo no lo lamentarás. Slds J&M" Rosario Bonilla - 12/27/2014
Los felicito por tener un producto tan bueno 5 product stars
"Mi hija tiene 17 años de edad y esta usando el tratamiento de coriodermina y la psoriasis se a desaparecido casi toda de su cuerpo, estamos muy contenta con los resultados del tratamiento" Geraldine Fablet - 12/13/2014
Que producto tan maravilloso 5 product stars
"quiero agradecerle a Artrin por tener un tratamiento tan bueno, hoy en día puedo decir que estoy libre de psoriasis, no solo me elimino la Psoriasis para siempre también me regreso mi autoestima ya que soy joven y no quería salir con mis amigas a ningún lugar sentía que mi vida estaba apagada, gracias cubanos por regresarme el deseo de vivir." Clara Zuazubiskar - 9/23/2014

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