Psoriasis / Coriodermina Jalea 8 oz. - Box of 12 Pots - Original Cuban

Hot! Psoriasis / Coriodermina Jalea 8 oz. - Box of 12 Pots - Original Cuban
Are you a long-time user of Coriodermina jalea? Have you recently discovered the product and now you want to make sure you have enough to keep treating your psoriasis long into the future?

In either case, this Coriodermina jalea box of 12 jars is for you. Designed to make your psoriasis a thing of the past, this unique value pack is our offering to our most loyal customers.

What is Coriodermina Jelly/Jalea?

Coriodermina jalea is a product derived from the placenta and made from 100% natural ingredients. By working on the dermal level, this product stops the development of psoriasis by regulating the reproduction rate of epidermal skin cells. This, in turn, chokes off psoriasis and leaves your skin healthy, beautiful, and toned.

Ideal for use in new or life-long psoriasis sufferers, Coriodermina jalea is a gentle, effective, safe product that can be taken alongside other medications and treatments.

How to Apply Coriodermina Jelly/Jalea

When you get your first shipment of Coriodermina jalea, you'll want to apply a small amount with your fingers to the affected area. Extend the formula gently beyond the psoriasis plaque and pat into the skin. Do not rub.

Once the application is complete, cover the area lightly with a cloth or clothing and allow it to rest undisturbed for 30-40 minutes. This promotes maximum absorption and penetration and allows the formula to work its magic.

After the first application is complete, you can expose the treated area to an infrared lamp placed a short distance away. Leave the skin in the light for 30 minutes.

Within weeks, this treatment program should deliver results. Most patients notice that their psoriatic areas are less red, less pronounced, and less flaky than they were before. Coriodermina jalea can be safely applied every eight hours until the condition has subsided.

Is Coriodermina Jelly/Jalea Safe?

The best thing about Coriodermina jalea is that it's very safe. Approved for use in children, elderly people, and pregnant and menstruating women, this product won't cause adverse side effects or make you sick. This makes it ideal for people who are nervous about how a medication will affect them or have had a history of negative reactions to medications before.

Your Life After Psoriasis

While Psoriasis is a persistent disease, Coriodermina jalea can help you beat it. Designed to work within your body and heal you from the inside out, this unique formula is powerful, targeted, and safe, which makes it ideal for all patients.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't keep living with psoriasis.

Get Coriodermina jalea and start beating your condition now. Most patients see results in just a few weeks, and we guarantee that this product will make a difference in your life.

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